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True/False Flights?

January 8, 2010


True/False Flights:

In Line With My Recent Revolt Against Brand Jordan (Hybrids: Yes, No, Maybe So???) I Have Decided To assault The Brand Today On Another Front.  With My Previous Post I Decided To Go In-Depth On My View Of Jordan Brand And Nike’s Use Of Hybrid Sneakers To Power Their Brand, And In Todays Topic I Will Tackle “Knock-Offs”.  As I Have Stated Before It Seems As If Brand Jordan Is Again Looking To The Past For Their Future.  Example: Just Take A Look At The Two Shoes At The Top Of The Post.  At First Glance The Shoes Look Exactly The Same, An Air Jordan VII, But As Any Real Sneaker Enthusiast Can Tell You These Shoes Are As Different As Apples And Lawn Furniture (Yes That Different).  Brand Jordan Ripped Off The Look Of The Air Jordan VII For Their Newest Sneaker The Air Jordan True Flight, In What Looks To Me Like A Botched Foogazi Job.  It Makes Me Sick, It Comes Accross As A Bootleg Of A Bootleg.  For Pureist Like Myself This Is Appaling.  I Have Multiple VII’s Sitting In My Closet, All Of Which Are In Great Condition, And It Feels As If Jordan Is Soliciting The Integrity Of Those Classic Sneakers With An Imposter.  Apparently The True Flights Are A Shoe For Performance, With Better Technology Than The VII’s, But Did They Have To Lift The Design??? That Is What Makes The Jordan Special To There Loyal Consumers, Of Course We All Used To Play Ball In Jordans, But Not Anymore, We Appreciate The Story, The History, The Design Of The Shoe, So Why Make A Cheap Knock Off??? I Feel For Jordan Brand Like @LilDuval Feels For Polo: “I Believe Polo Is Selling Fake Polo.” And To Make Matters Worse Jordan Brand Has Released The True Flight In The Same Popular Colors Of The Air Jordan VII.  Mad And Upset With You Brand Jordan, Mad And Upset, Which Is Precisely Why You Havent Seen A Penny Of My Change In A Long Time.


#2 The Strokes – Is This It

January 7, 2010

Rolling Stone’s #2 Album Of The 00’s Is, Is This It by The Strokes Released October 9, 2001

Two Days, Two Reviews, Right On Schedule. I Have Dedicated An All Day Listening Session To The Strokes 1st Album Is This It And My Verdict…. Good Album, Maybe Not #2 Of The Decade, But Top 50 None-The-Less.  I Cant Say There Is A Song I Dislike On The Album, I Can Listen To All Of Them Continuously, And Trust Me I Did, So That Has To Say Something Right??? Keep Reviewing

Hybrids: Yes, No, Maybe So????

January 7, 2010

Hybrids: Yes, No, Maybe So???

Fusions. What Is The 1st Image In Your Head When The Word Is Said? The Average American Would Answer Fuel Efficient Vehicle, However, I Am Not An Average American And Neither Are You.  Most Assuredly If You Are Reading This Post The 1st Thing That Came To Mind Was Some Hideous Sneaker Jordan Brand Forced Upon The World Last Year, Weather It Be The V’s, XIII’s, IV’s, Or IX’s There Was A Favorite Fusion To Loathe.  Why Jordan Brand And Nike, Why??? 2009 Was Supposed To Be A Year Of New Beginnings. A New President Had Everyone Thinking 2009 Will Be Different, 2009 Will Be Better, 2009 Will Spark Ingenuity, Creativity, Innovation, And An Overall New Look For America’s Culture.  Nike Had The Opportunity Step On The Throats (So To Speak) Of Its Competition.  Nike And Jordan Brand Has Always Been Synonyms With Creative, Rule Breaking, New Frontier Design And Technology, But When Everyone In The World Was Looking Forward To The Future, Nike Was Looking To The Past.  As Opposed To Creating Something New And Exciting They Decided To Take Two Shoes From Years Past Combine Them And Package Them As The Shoes To Come.  #FAIL, No #EPICFAIL!!! While I Am Positive It Has Been An Extremely Lucrative Business Venture (Clearly Speaking From The Heart Not The Wallet) It Has Left Nike’s Most Loyal Supporters At A Crossroads. Please Keep Reading

#1 Radiohead – Kid A

January 6, 2010

Rolling Stone’s #1 Album Of The 00’s Is Kid A by Radiohead Released October 2, 2000

Ok Here We Go Everybody, This Is The Start To My Record Review Of Rolling Stone’s Top Albums Of The 00’s.  Kicking It Off We Have An Album I Have Never Listened To, I Would Say Heard Of But That Would Be A Lie (I’ll Explain Later), So I Shall Stick With Listened To, Kid A from Radiohead.  Again Keep In Mind This Is An Attempt To Broaden My Horizons As Well As Giving You A Review From My View.  So Into The Album I Go.  This CD Was Out There, Not In A Bad Way, But Just Out There.  If Your Measuring Stick Of “Out There” Involves Kanye West or Kid Cudi As The Farthest Away From The Norm Than This Album Will Blow Your Mind. Keep Reading

Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Songs Of The 00’s

January 6, 2010

In Rolling Stone’s Last Issue Of This Decade It Has Compiled A List, Just Like All Magazines Have, Of The 100 Greatest Albums Of This Decade.  Browsing Through The List I Saw Many familiar Names And Remembered Quite A Few Of The Albums Listed, However, There Is Still A Large Amount Of Albums I Have Never Heard Or Heard Of. Once I Finished Going Over The List I Decided To Start A Project Involving This List Of The Greatest Albums Of The Recent Decade.  In An Opportunity To “Broaden My Horizons” So To Speak And Also Showcase My Critiqueing Journalism Writing Skills I Will Listen To And Personally Review Every Album In The Top 50 Of Rolling Stone’s Albums Of The Decade Starting At 1 And Descending. So Stay Tuned For My Personal View On The Best Of 00’s

For A Look At The List In It’s Entirety Click Here

Social Networking: Tools Of Building or Destruction ???

November 24, 2009

How Do You Feel About Social Networking? Do You Think It Is The Best Thing You Have Ever Experienced? Can You Not Imagine Going A Day Without Your Facebook or Twitter? Do You Think It Has Been A Great Contribution To Society? I Personally Am Torn By The Social Networking Craze. Everything, Yes Everything, Has Pros and Cons.  The Positive Effects Of Social Networking Are Quite Obvious.  You Can Connect With People All Over The World, You Can Reunite With People From Your Past, You Can Meet New People For Your Future, You Can Market Your Self/Business/Friend Freely And Easily, You Can Find Information Quickly.  Those Are Just A Few Of The Benefits Of Social Networking, However It Does Come With Some Nasty Side-Effects.  I Am Finding More And More People Who Almost Cannot Go An Hour, Forget A Day, Without Checking Their Facebook or Twitter Accounts, That Scares Me.  People Are More Concerned About What Is Going On In CyberSpace Than What Is Actually Transpiring In Front Of Them.  I Think People Are Literally Loosing Their “Lust For Life”.  It Is Much Easier To Sit In Your Room And Tweet Eachother As Opposed To Give A Phone Call or Meet For Coffee, Make That Personal Connection.  See I Think With Social Networking People Assume A False Sense Of Anonymity.  Maybe Its Everyones Obsession With Celebrities And Their Desires To Be Famous That Propells Them To Divulge Every Piece Of Their Life On These Social Networking Sites.  But Most Of These Self-Written Entries Are Fabricated.  People Are Never Real With Themselves, They Paint The Picture Of THe Person They Want To Be, Not The Person They Are.  Often People Dont Accept This And It Leads To Very Deep Emotional Problems.  I Dont Understand It At All. People Would Rather Spill Their Entire Lives Pain And Frustration To Millions Of People They Do And Dont Know On Twitter As Opposed To Calling A Good Friend Or Family Member For Help.  Maybe It Is Because They Dont Have A Close Friend Or Family Member, But Its Like A Circle To Me, Its Almost As If People Dont Take The Time To Develop A Close Friendship Because A Majorty Of Their Friends Are Too Busy Social Networking.  People Have Lost The Desire For The Personal Connection, But It Will Leave You Very Empty Inside.  No Matter How Many “Followers” You Have or How Many “Facebook Friends” You Have You Are Alone.  Your Followers Wont Be There For You When You Are Down And All The Way Out, Your Facebook Friends Either.  You Know Who Will Be There?? Your Real Friends, The Ones Who Were There Way Before The “Social Network” And The Ones Who Will Be There Long After.  The Reason I Am Writing This Is Because I Think People Need To Alter Their Lives From This Social Networking Obsession.  I Am Not Sure How Many Of You Watched The Move Surrogates or Even Gamer, But Those Movies Scare The Shit Out Of Me.  No 2012, Saw, or Halloween Movie Could Come Close To The Chills That Those Movies Gave Me. Why Do You Ask? From What I Witness On A Day To Day Basis I Can See Those Movies Being A Reality.  The Number Of People That Would Rather Sit At Home And Vent To The World And Live Their Lives Vicariously Through Others Are Growing Just As Fast As Social Networking.  Like I Said At The Beginning Of This “Rant” I Do Like Social Networking In Moderation, I Am A User Of Social Networking, And I Do Sometimes Get Sucked In To The 3rd Person Living I Have Just Complained About, But I Am Trying To Get Better As You All Should Also.  All This Makes Me Wonder What Life Was Like Before Social Networking And Before The Internet When People Actually Did Shit.  People Would Go Live Their Lifes As Opposed To Read And Comment On Someone Elses.  If You Wanted To Date Someone You Would Take Them On Dates To Learn About Them, Not Read Their Facebook Profile.  And While On Said Date, They Could Have Eachothers Undivided Attention, Now You Cant Make It To The Appetizer Before A Tweet Has Been Sent Or A Status Updated.  I Feel That Is The Most Disrespectful Thing You Can Do On A Date.  I Asked You On A Date So I Could Spend Time With You, I Dont Give A Damn About Your 678 Followers On Twitter That I Dont Know, And Guess What They Dont Care About Our Date.  I Am Gonna Stop Here I Am Already At Dissertation Length, And Trust Me I Can Keep Going On The Subject, So Like I Said At The Beginning I Am Torn On The Subject Of Social Networking, I Feel It Is Excellent For Connection, As Long As It Is Not Your Only Form Of Connection, Live Your Lives People, Please.

I Guess I Wrote A Mixtape (Previews)

November 23, 2009

Download Here: Nugga – Amazin

Download Here: Nugga – Fear

Here are two tracks from @NuggaXDope (Nugga) ‘s Very Very Very Soon To Be Released Debut Mixtape “I Guess I Wrote A Mixtape” Stay Tuned…